Pacific Mist Samoyeds is a new breeder of Samoyeds based on Oahu, Hawaii. Hawaii is the only rabies-free state in the USA, which enables export to other rabies-free regions of the Pacific Rim as well as to the continental USA. Our foundation sire and dam are both AKC Best in Show Grand Champions who came from the reknown Polar Mist breedline. We are dedicated to show quality dogs with structural soundness and correctness of movement. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about this great and ancient breed. Thanks for visiting!

Gary Chock

The seven-part Samoyed webinar series, which is required of those who wish to be on the puppy waiting list, consists of the following topics: 

1. Introduction to the Breed and its Heritage 

2. The Pacific Mist foundation Sire and Dam 

3. Grooming and Bathing 

4. Feeding and Health Topics 

5. Socialization and Exercise 

6. Showing your Samoyed 

7. Next Steps - how to apply 

 Each webinar takes about 45 minutes of your time once a week. You need to be able to login to the webinar with a internet-connected computer (some try to do it on their smartphone, but a tablet display would be better in order to see the slides). Even if you ultimately decide that this breed is not for you, I think you will find it very educationally worthwhile.  The webinar series is scheduled by email request.

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